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Real Estate agent and dowser
Jeanie Pasquale
Quantum Dowser

Before founding House Harmony, founder Jeanie Pasquale, was a successful real estate professional for more than 20 years. She is licensed in both New York and New Jersey. After being diagnosed and struggling with Lyme Disease, she began a quest to find a solution that would improve her health and well being. Her quest led her to discover the benefits of dowsing, and sharing them with others seeking to improve their health..

In addition to personally reaping the benefits of dowsing, Jeanie was first introduced to dowsing after witnessing the sale of a home. This home had been on market for 3 years, with no buyers or interest. Within a week of the dowsing, the home went into contract. Intrigued by these benefits and how they might help others, Jeanie went to Minneapolis, MN to take the Marie Diamond Dowsing course. Marie Diamond is an internationally known transformational leader, speaker, teacher and author.

Jeanie is fully trained to perform dowsing and feels the state of energy when entering into homes and offices. She measures the energy level in the home and then places the copper curing rods as necessary.

What does a dowser look for?
  • Negative vortexes—it’s usually the room or area no one spends time in. This energy is draining and depleting. May cause health issues. Cats spend time in this area, because they are trying to protect their family from the negative energy.

  • Geopathic stress—one thing this negative energy can cause is interrupted sleep. This can also have a negative affect on plants and trees.

  • Interference lines—the EMF’s from our cell phones and towers. This negative energy can affect our focus, self-esteem, and interfere with our happiness.

  • Hartmann and Curry lines—these are earth’s natural energy grid. When this energy gets interrupted, they can deplete the immune system creating a negative affect on our health.

  • Personal Zones- these areas have negative energy that affect a specific person or pet. Children especially do not like being in a negative personal zone. That is sometimes why children do not like sleeping or sitting in a certain area.

  • Energy “leftovers”—This is the negative energy that remains from past homeowners, renters, and previous events. Some of this energy can be hundreds of years old. That is why, sometimes there are “sick” buildings, where businesses seem to come and go and never succeed.


If required, dowsing can also be done at a distance. When using this method, the client will provide a floor plan of your home, office, or map of your property. When the client receives the dowsed floor plan, they will place the “curing” rods themselves to complete the final step of the process.


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