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Distance Dowsing
When It's Too Far To Travel

You can mail or e-mail your floor plans for your home or office, which will be used to analyze the current energy state. We will look for geopathic stress, interferences lines, both negative Hartman and Curry lines. We also check for both positive and negative vortexes. We will also check for negative personal zones for people and pets as well. Before the analysis is complete, the homeowner will have a set of "curing rods" delivered, in preparation for the dowsing. Then the dowser identifies the weak areas of the home where the negative energy is entering. The floor plans are color coded to make it easy for the homeowner to read their floors plans. After the floor plans are returned, the homeowner places the "curing rods" themselves, with the help of the dowser. We will check to make sure the rods have been placed correctly and the transformation of new energy begins.


Contact us for more details.


Real Estate agent and dowser

When my family moved into our apartment we experienced many different areas of negativity.  New light bulbs would only last days, strange plumbing sounds and leaks plagued us and neighbors complained about noise.   Most disturbing was that my son would get sick once a month with a high fever.  Our energy and environment did not seem to be in synch.  I had heard about dowsing and decided it was worth pursuing.


The results were impressive and immediate.  We could actually feel the energy shift!  My son's fevers came to a halt, the electrical and plumbing issues ceased to exist and even our family pet became calmer and more centered.  After months of harmony, my son's fever resurfaced.  I contacted Jeanie and she was able to detect that one of my son's personal zone rods had been inadvertently removed.  We replaced it and he has been fever free since.  Truly amazing!!  - Dana S., Miami Beach, FL



I will be moving in 2 weeks and I am so excited to having my next apartment dowsed. I found that the dowsing had such a positive 
impact on my present apartment that I would never move anywhere without making sure my environment was cleansed and all the energy was flowing correctly. I praise Jeanie Pasquale for being able to find all the bad energy that was having an impact on my family and apartment. - Dana S., Miami Beach, FL



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