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"I am a avid gardener with a magnificent outdoor garden that my friends say should be featured in a gardening magazines, so it was very discouraging that my indoor plants where not doing so well. Tonight while closing my curtains I noticed flowers on my ancient Shamrock plant, Seriously they were not there in the morning! This is exactly where I placed one of the rods in my first dowsing session. I love it! I am thrilled to have found such a knowledgeable professional in your field, and look forward to our two-week checking. 

Anna -- at a distance client -XXXX, CA --May 2018



"I first dowsed my home after several family members passed away. As a result, My life changed dramatically, the energy in my home, which had been dark and cluttered, now felt much lighter and clearer. The change was so noticeable that visitors actually commented on it. After the second dowsing, the annual clearing, everything changed. My life had many patterns in it that I had outgrown, but I could not let them go, even though I would have liked to. It didn't happen over night but the past year everything has changed for the better. I know in my heart that dowsing was the catalyst, a physical manifestation of my willingness to clear out any energy that interferes with the highest good for me, and those around me. Since February 2017, even more dramatic changes have taken place. after more then a decade in my last home, I moved to a wonderful new home in the country, my relationships are extraordinary, my career is fulfilling, and my outlook optimistic. I can't wait to see how my life evolves over the next year. I feel so blessed to have found Jeanie and House Harmony."

-C.  Armstrong, Marketing Executive, New York--August 2017


"I have worked with Jeanie and House Harmony to improve the energy of several homes I have listed for sale. Most of them had not had many showings or buyers interested. Something was wrong. Jeanie was able to identify energy disturbances that we corrected and immediately the energy shifted. Interest improved and subsequently they sold. At my most recent listing, we completed the dowsing, then the seller agreed to make many costly improvements that also positively affected the home's energy. After three months of sitting empty with no showings. interest is picking up and I fully anticipate the home will sell just like the others did. This SO works! Thanks Jeanie."

-Westchester Realtor, New York-- September 2017

"I first dowsed my home three years ago, and experienced many positive changes, but there were still some stubborn energy influences that caused me to experience sleeplessness and anxiety, which also affected my family. After my second dowsing everything is getting better. I feel more confident, have more energy, and I am doing things I haven't done in a long time. Ultimately, I am happier, more peaceful and healthier since working with Jeanie." 

-Maureen S.,  Pearl River, New York--November 2017

"I am a skeptical person, so when it comes to trying something a little out of the box, I am a bit hesitant. Needless to say, my life was stagnant and I heard about dowsing and decided to give it a try. Jeanie came and released any negativity from my home and placed rods in areas where there seemed to be troubled vibrations.


Within a year, my life has undergone so many major changes. I dissolved a relationship with a man who was not enhancing my life. I began to write a book. I developed an app. I applied to and started a part time job, something I had been talking about for years. I also started volunteering at a theater, bringing me much joy and reliving my old career in the movie business. I decided to get my home ready to sell. Now that I have seen my four children go on to live in their own homes. These are sweeping transformations that had been dwelling inside me and I believe the dowsing allowed me to become unblocked and move forward to a more significant and happier place! I also have peace of mind knowing I’m no longer living with EMF’s and the negative energy from cell phones that are everywhere. Thank you Jeanie and House Harmony!"


-Lori S., Smithtown, NY

March 2017



"It has been a little more than a year since my home was last dowsed for the second time, and the results are nothing short of incredible. After my first dowsing, the energy in my home felt much lighter and clearer. The change was noticeable and actually produced comments from visitors. But the second, annual clearing changed everything. My life had many patterns in it that I had outgrown, but I could not let them go, even though I would have liked to. It didn’t happen overnight, but over the past year everything has changed for the better. My home is now open and airy feeling, cozy and secure. I used to have trouble sleeping and now feel relaxed and comfortable all the time. There are even people who’ve moved on from my life and new ones who’ve arrived, and I have even been accepted into a MFA program, which is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I know in my heart that dowsing was the catalyst, a physical manifestation of my willingness to clear out any energy that interferes with the highest good for me and those around me. I feel so blessed to have found Jeanie and House Harmony."

-Catherine Armstrong, Marketing executive, New York, Feb 2017


"I highly recommend Jeanie's Service. The change she brought to our house was tangible within the first days of her work. Things witch were difficult to do all of a sudden felt easier to accomplish. I enjoyed Jeanie's clear and focused approach, her was of being non-intrusive and respecting the space of my home. I will continue to ask for her service on a monthly base since this is such a support for fulfilling my lifes mission."

-Renate Siegel, Tappan, NY 2016

"For a long time, we have been talking about making some changes in our home, and all of a sudden it became easier to get started after Jeanie Pasquale dowsed. And it sounds funny, but the house is easier to keep clean. The home just feels "easier". We can feel the change-- The heaviness and old energies are gone."
-Renate Siegel, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

-June 2016


Dana a dowsing client from Miami, Florida, States, "When my family moved into our apartment, we experienced many different areas of negativity. New light bulbs would only last days, strange plumbing sounds and leaks plagued us. Most disturbing is that my son wouod get sick once a month with a high fever. Our energy and our enviornment did not seem to be in sync. I had heard about dowsing and decided it was worth pursuing. The results were impressive and immediate.  We could actually feel the energy shift!  My son's fevers came to a halt, the electrical and plumbing issues ceased to exist and even our family pet became calmer and more centered.  After months of harmony, my son's fever resurfaced.  I contacted Jeanie and she was able to detect that one of my son's personal zone rods had been inadvertently removed.  We replaced it and he has been fever free since.  Truly amazing!!  --D.S.--Miami Beach, FL 2016

Firstly, thank you, Jean. Though it’s been 7 months since the initial dowsing of my New York City apartment, I can still feel the positive effects of the literal shift in energy that took place that day. The fact that my apartment still reads a positive twelve, after initially reading in the negative digits, is indicative of this success.


This past March was a big transitional period for me. I turned 27, took on a new job, and it was during this time that a dear friend of mine passed away. My dowsing appointment with Jean (both apartment and personal) couldn’t have come at a better time. It was the positive shift I needed to help me mature, learn, and cope with the significant changes that took place. I truly believe, as Jean can attest, that these rods brought me, my apartment, and even my dog, Lemmy, to a higher frequency. I should also mention that Jean’s dowsing was prior to my official job promotion and that my dog, Lemmy, who went two years being crated, is able to roam free in the apartment while I’m not home.  --L.K.--NYC



I have newfound energy since Jeanie dowsed my house.  For the first time in years, I started buying things for myself, not my children, family and friends.  I opened my heart and began entertaining again, cooking home made meals.  After 12 years as Board President of my building, listening to all the negativity and complaints, I stepped down and took a back seat.  When I did attend the annual meeting, I noticed all the negativity was gone!  I learned after speaking with Jeanie, the dowsing can have a positive effect on the entire building. My sleep has become more peaceful and I feel I am now surrounded by good vibes that really resonate with me and make me feel wonderful!  --M. Ann, NYC



I had been feeling stuck and needed something to jump start my life.  I  admit I was skeptical when someone informed me about Jeanie and dowsing my house.  After reviewing her materials, I decided that this non traditional route was worth a try.  Within (days/weeks) the energy in my home started flowing in a positive direction. I finallly found a permanent job, and tenants that pay me on time! I was so excited by this unexpected success that I asked Jeanie to also assist me at my upstate vineyard.   After already drilling 40 plus holes in order to plant the vines I had yet to hit water!  Time and energy were wasting away.  Jeanie used her dowsing rods to direct me where to drill next.  On the first try, she had brought me right to water that was only a few feet deep!  Incredible!  I'm a believer!!  --R.K., Pearl River, NY



Jeanie has Dowsed my properties. The energy feels so much better in them. After the energy clearing, I have been able to clear out a lot of other stuff that is no longer relevant--clearing space physically and emotionally.

In addition, the dowsing of one of my rental properties that had been stagnant resulted in a bidding war that may turn into a sale. I will definitely avail myself of Jeanie's services again!  --S.J., Westchester Realtor

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